Death Parade Episodes #08 & #09

This is Mr. Tatsumi, and the other one is Mr. Shimada! So come and join us on this two-part competition between life and death at Quindecim…

…with a game of air hockey. First person to get 6 points wins, and don’t forget hurting your opponents too as this game has pucks that represents the players’ eye or any organ!

Oh yeah, and I would like to add that there’s a killer among them. But before that, let’s see their respective background shall we?

Let’s start with Shimada-san as he has a sister to protect and take care of. However, Sae Shimada was brutally raped.

On the other hand, Tatsumi’s occupation is a detective and he’s living happily with his wife Yumi. Sadly, she was murdered.

So yeah, both Shimada-san and Detective Tatsumi shared a common theme of avenging their loved ones. As for the “killer” part, both of them are killers as they murdered the perpetrators.

Of course, their meeting was at a wrong place at a wrong time as Shimada-san lunged at Detective Tatsumi’s stomach, thinking that it was another rapist, before Shimada-san took his last breath as he lost too much blood on killing the rapist.

And that’s the back-story of these two competitors. As for the result of the air hockey match, Shimada-san claimed victory. So I guess that this story is over and there’s no hard feelings between those two, right?

No, it turned for the worse as Shimada-san vent his anger by murdering Detective Tatsumi, as it revealed that he didn’t save Sae from being raped. Not only that, Tatsumi said that he was a vigilanted where sacrifices must be made in order to pass judgement.

Decim’s assistant tried to stop Shimada-san from killing Detective Tatsumi the second time. But alas, the Black-Haired Woman failed to prevent it!

So with that, this two-part story ended horribly. While I wanted for Shimada-san to go into reincarnation, but I have lost hope that he’ll be going into the void together with Detective Tatsumi.

Due to these events, the Black-Haired Woman blamed Decim as it’s no longer just passing judgment between two individuals. Her response reacted Decim so much that he shows emotions of grief and pain, even though he’s repressing it!

Anyways, see you on the next episode…

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