Akatsuki no Yona Episode #22

Well, it’s time to save those girls from Lord Kum-ji’s hands, as Yona fired that firework so that Shin-ah can locate the captives!

Oh, and Shin-ah brought Jae-ha for the ride too as it’s easier to jump from one ship to another in a jiffy…

…not to mention saving both Yona and Yun in the nick of time! Good job Jae-ha, now let’s find Yang Kum-ji and take his head!

Oh wait, he’s getting away as Lord Kum-ji said earlier that he doesn’t want to abandon his ship and his goods! What a cheating bastard, fight like a man!

Well, who needs to fight Kum-ji head-on as Yona can snipe him from afar. Let’s see how she did well after countless hours of archery training…

It turns out, she did a darn good job as Yona fired her bow straight to Kum-ji’s heart. Apart from her killing intent, everything went smoothly for this princess!

Also, I like the ancient paper effect during the aftermath of this amazing kill! Way to go Studio Pierrot, but you should raise the salary of your animation staff!

And so, the port city of Awa is liberated and the girls are freed. Yeah, you may thank the pirates and Yona’s party for that!

And with that, let’s have a party until it’s 10 PM! Eat and drink all you want, but don’t barf it out ’cause it’s a party pooper!

Meanwhile, I don’t wanna bother regarding the last dragon warrior as he’ll not have his formal appearance in the next two episodes!

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