Yuri Kuma Arashi Episode #09

Guys and girls, Yuri Kuma Arashi has returned after not airing Episode 9 last week! Oh, and this episode begins with Kureha killing Ginko after learning the hard truth regarding Sumika’s death.

Of course, I wanna know what exactly happened…

So anyway, let’s move to this scene where Ginko went to the Door of Friends. It’s a place where it tests wandered souls on whether their love was real or it’s just their desire!

By the way, Mitsuko Yurizono has returned and she’s trying to brainwash Ginko, submitting her lust for eating Kureha Tsubaki instead of finding true love. Hell, Mitsuko even possess Ginko’s body for goodness sakes!

Oh yeah, and the truth regarding Sumika Izumiko’s death? It’s also revealed that Ginko tried to save Kureha’s friend. However, Ginko watched Sumika eaten by Mitsuko instead, simply because she sees Izumiko as an obstacle for her love (or lust) with Kureha.

Speaking of Kureha Tsubaki, she’s about to be eaten by Yurika Hakonaka as there are no hindrances that will get in her way.

And damn, Yurika is looking forward for that moment on putting Reia’s daughter into her eternal box, apart from her stomach of course!

But then, Yurika’s feast was cut short when one of her students shot her. Glad that someone rescued Kureha!

However, it’s sad to see Yurika Hakonaka being hunted down like any other bear, not to mention giving into her desire instead of throwing away her love on Reia in the first place. If Yurika tell the truth about the death of Kureha’s mother instead of manipulating our main protagonist, none of this would have happen.

Speaking of desire, I’m worried about Ginko as she’ll return from the dead as a darker-version of herself. I blame Mitsuko for brainwashing Ginko with her “LILY DARK!”.

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