Kantai Collection Episode #10

Well, looks like Fubuki is maximizing her effort on not only to become stronger, but to get remodeled as well.

However, it seems that Bucky is abusing herself too much to the point that she almost got sunk by the Abyssal Fleet! Dammit Fubuki, are you gonna join Kisaragi towards Davy Jones’ Locker and make Mutsuki-chan cry at your loss!?

Oh yeah, and there’s more reasoning to Fubuki’s harsh (if not life-threatening) training as she wants to be Akagi-sempai’s escort ship! But you know what, screw that one…

…as Bucky wants to be the admiral’s wife. Yes, our admiral dreamed of marrying a plain destroyer with no strong assets apart from being the main character of this series!

“What? Fubuki is evolving!”

So anyways, Fubuki gained experience from fighting against the Abyssal Fleet as well as taking lessons from both Akagi and Kaga, from which she’s ready for a remodel.

“Congratulations! Your Fubuki evolved into Fubuki Kai Ni!”

And here’s the result! Pretty cool, huh? Well actually, Fubuki Kai Ni doesn’t look stronger at all apart from having that AA fire-detector watch thingy on her left wrist!

So yeah, Bucky has been remodeled and I’m sure our ghost admiral is smiling happily that his future wife has evolved! Anyways, let’s move to the penultimate episode…

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