Aldnoah.Zero Episode #22

Here’s Count Barouhcruz doing his usual sortie with his Kataphrakt…

Before I start this post, there’s sad news about Shinji Ogawa as the voice of Emperor Rayregalia Vers Rayvers passed away recently (via ANN).

It would be nice if his character passed away as well since the Emperor’s health is deteriorating, but Rayregalia will be voiced by a replacement voice actor in the last two episodes!

Anyways, let’s move onto the most important event on this episode as the Deucalion crew are heading towards Vers’ lunar base, also known as Slaine’s fortress where he kept both Princess Asseylum and Lemrina for his plans of conquering Earth!

Speaking of the Deucalion, Capt. Magbaredge got something on her sleeve…

…as her ship transformed into a fortress. By the way, if Deucalion’s fortress form clearly resembled the famous SDF-1 Macross, they’ll get sued by Harmony Gold which are pricks when it comes to anything Macross!

Moving on, the United Earth Forces ordered the Deucalion crew to act as a decoy for the real operation, which involves assassinating Princess Asseylum.

Of course, Inaho didn’t want that to happen as he found both Princess Asseylum and Eddelrittuo (Princess Lemrina left behind by the way) before passing out due to his fight with Slaine!

Oh yeah, and things get weird as Inaho’s left eye took over his conscience, telling Princess Asseylum the escape route where Inko Amifumi will be waiting to rescue her and Eddelrittuo.

It would be nice if Asseylum grabbed Inaho on her escape, but she didn’t. Dammit Asseylum, you’re so cruel on leaving Inaho to die!

Anyways, next week will be the penultimate episode as Princess Asseylum and Eddelrittuo are escaping the onslaught.

Of course, I have a bad feeling about Count Klancain as while he saved the princess from being assassinated by UEF special ops, he might take her back to the Vers Empire because he’s a freaking supporter to the emperor!

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  1. 0thrikuna says:

    Great insight, thank you. I am really sad now… He will obviously not hand her over to the group that just tried to assassinate her… The logical result is taking her to the emperor as you suggest and as we know he has lines in the last episodes (from your other news) — that seems highly likely. Not looking forward to the ending now ><, but thank you xD.

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