Koufuku Graffiti Episode #10

This is Yuki Uchiki, Ryou Machiko’s neighbor who lived on the apartment’s first floor.

While she made small appearances on previous episode, Episode 10 marks her formal introduction as Uchiki-san can’t make friends simply because of her shy personality.

Speaking of friends, Kirin Morino is worried of not having friends in high-school, apart from passing the entrance exam of course!

But that’s about to change when she fell over and landed down to Uchiki’s balcony… and she didn’t get a broken leg after that stunt! Damn Kirin, are you a freaking cyborg!?

Anyway, Yuki-san invited Kirin and Ryou to her room for a pizza party since she has guest. By the way, Yuki Uchiki always eat pizza from morning till evening, so it’s just an ordinary meal to her.

That’s when Ryou and Kirin showed how tasty the pizza is just by eating slowly and erotically while having that orgasmic reaction!

See, any meal is better when you eat together. After all, this anime series shows how sharing a meal with a friend is important aside from cooking!

So there you have it, Yuki Uchiki got caught with the taste orgasm virus from Ryou Machiko and I’m sure that she’ll get friends instead of having imaginary ones!

As for Kirin, she got better after the pizza party as Morino-san got the optimism on going to high-school. Let’s hope that Kirin pass the entrance exam!

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