Absolute Duo Episode #11

Oh noes, Miyabi Hotaka got brainwashed with power thanks to Equipment Smith’s Unit! What will Tomoe Tachibana do? I mean, she doesn’t want Miyabi getting noticed by Thor by force!

Well, the only thing she can do is talk out of it and slap Miyabi in the face for good measure, just to get herself together and break away from Equipment Smith’s control!

And with that, Miyabi Hotaka has returned and she got naked in the process. Now that Hotaka is saved by Tachibana-san, it’s time to find Agent K and kick his ass.

And here he is as K ordered his men to shoot both Tohru and Yulie with bullets, because it’s super effective when dealing with teens with weapons built from their conscience!

So yeah, both of them are in a bind as Tohru used his body as a shield to protect Yulie.

Honestly, the Rebels should have shot him in the head ’cause it’s effective. But no, they decided to aim and shoot at other parts of his body.

Also, Tohru would be dead right now if he didn’t take Lukifers prior to entering Kouryou Academy. Thor would survive gunshot wounds if he’s Level 2 or 3, but that’s not enough to beat Agent K.

And so, Tohru took Sakuya’s Level 4 Rite of Sublimation and beat the hell out of Agent K with just a single punch from his right hand. It would be nice if Thor made a flurry of punches ’cause that would be cool!

But alas, a single punch is enough to knock K down! With that said, it’s over for both him…

…and Equipment Smith. They sure got owned by Sakuya Tsukumo and her students, and it’s a good thing because their methods of reaching Absolute Duo with their technology is so fucked up!

Speaking of Absolute Duo, it seems that they won’t have one as this series is finally over, right?

Nah, are you kidding me? There’s one more episode to go, and right off the bat Agent K killed his boss because of his humiliating defeat!

And he got stronger thanks to Equipment Smith’s trump card: The Destruction armor. Look at his rape face, Agent K is ready to kill and ravage everyone for next week’s finale!

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