Yuri Kuma Arashi Episode #10


Oh shit, that’s Konomi Yurikawa and she returned as a bear-cyborg, just to power up this lily-shaped death ray! Shabadadoo!

Meanwhile, it appears that Lulu Yurigasaki’s Yuri Approval was revoked as she revealed that Ginko exchanged Kureha’s childhood memories in order to become a human.

Sad that she’ll never become a human again, but at least Lulu got some great time during her stay at the human world! Oh, and she finally returned Reia’s pendant to Tsubaki.

And so, Lulu went home to the bear world, never to cross the Severance Wall ever again!

Afterwards, Kureha Tsubaki was caught by the Bear Extermination Squad led by Chouko Ooki, who wants nothing more than eliminating bears to avenge the death of their friends.

Now that the door leading to the bear world was found, I have a feeling that the war between humans and bears will return… and it’s gonna be bloddy!

One last thing, looks like Ginko has returned from the Door of Friends.

Unfortunately, seems that she’s willing to eat Kureha as Ginko became a darker-version of herself since she gave into her desire! KUMA SHOCK!

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