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Durarara!!×2 Episode #11

It’s chaos at Ikebukuro and Izaya Orihara is just sitting there, travelling and watching it unfolds for shits and giggles! C’mon, he stirred some more trouble just for the hell of it! To him, it was Tuesday…

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Koufuku Graffiti Episode #11

This is the penultimate episode where Ryou is reviewing for her entrance exam. However, she lost her focus as Ryou missed her parents! Speaking of her parents, I’m curious of what kind of work they’re doing? Oh, and there’s a … Continue reading

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Aldnoah.Zero Episode #23

Looks like Inaho safely returned to Deucalion. However, what I fear for the last episode is that his Analytical Engine will take over his brain, erasing his current personality. So therefore, the Inaho Kaizuka we know will cease to exist … Continue reading

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