Aldnoah.Zero Episode #23

Looks like Inaho safely returned to Deucalion. However, what I fear for the last episode is that his Analytical Engine will take over his brain, erasing his current personality.

So therefore, the Inaho Kaizuka we know will cease to exist once he used his left eye for the final battle!

Anyways, Count Klancain rescued both Princess Asseylum and Eddelrittuo. And remember what I’ve said last week that something bad would happen when Klancain is involved? Well, he doesn’t have ulterior motives at all!

So yeah, it’s all good for Princess Asseylum, at least Count Klancain is well-mannered and not a racist like his father.

Moving on, Count Klancain took the princess and her maid to Count Mazuurek’s landing castle. After all, he’s the one who snapped the princess out of her amnesia!

With Asseylum on-board, it’s time to contact her grandfather who is now dying…

Not only that, but he’s not aware that her grand-daughter is alive and well. I guess Emperor Rayregalia is being delusional since he’s closer to death.

You know, it would be nice if the Aldnoah technology is used for peace between Earth and Vers, but it was used for war as Rayregalia didn’t share his technology to his fellow Terrans, fearing that they’ll use Aldnoah for nefarious purposes. In my opinion, Aldnoah technology shouldn’t exist at all, but it’s too late now!

One more thing, it’s confirmed that Emperor Rayregalia Vers Rayvers was voiced by a replacement voice actor. Rest in peace Shinji Ogawa, and I share my condolences to his family! If only his voiced his character sooner…

Anyways, next week is the final episode as Princess Asseylum will succeed to her grandfather’s throne as Empress of Vers via this guerrilla broadcast to both parties.

Not only she’ll become the empress for pushing peace between her empire and the United Earth government, but she’ll take Count Klancain as her future husband.

As for Count Slaine Saazbaum Troyard, he doesn’t like this surprising news!

Also, it’s not like he’s planning to stop his all-out attack against the Terrans with just a snap of his finger, as Slaine wants both Earth and Vers burn. Why not join Mitsuhide and Bizon after this show, future NTR club member Slaine!

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