Durarara!!×2 Episode #11

It’s chaos at Ikebukuro and Izaya Orihara is just sitting there, travelling and watching it unfolds for shits and giggles!

C’mon, he stirred some more trouble just for the hell of it! To him, it was Tuesday…

Anyways, here’s Episode 11 as the brawl between Toramaru and Dollars is intensifying. And what a way to start this episode is this epic fight between Rokujo and Kadota at a local soccer field in Raira!

By the way, it’s not like those players using the field are aware that there’s a brawl right at their backyard!

Meanwhile, there’s a kidnapping going on as Rocchi’s harem is being kidnapped by rouge members of Dollars!

Mikado tried to intervene, but he was easily beaten by thugs! Next time, he’ll get at you once Ryuugamine became a badass magnificent bastard!

Right now, Mikado is being kicked while the rest took Chikage’s girls away to Raira. Yup, that’s the place where Rokujo and Kadota are fighting as we speak!

Fortunately, Anri Sonohara saved Mikado-kun from being beaten to death! Of course, there’s no time to waste as Anri and Mikado went to Raira in order to stop the brawl.

Back at Raira, seems that both of them are exhausted, but Dotachin got the last laugh as he beat Rocchi with the skin of his teeth!

Afterwards, they decided to call it a truce, which is a good move…

…as both Kyohei Kadota and Chikage Rokujo punched those Dollars posers to save Rocchi’s harem! Sorry scumbags, but Dotachin sold you posers out for Rokujo’s biker gang!

As for the girls, they’re now rescued by the likes of Kaztano, Hashim, and Siri as seen here on this picture!

Yes, they’re minor characters but they’re part of Dollars… Well, the good guys that is!

Oh yes, there’s Mikado and Anri as they arrived at Raira. All they need to do is to call the cops and problem solved. But that one is very risky as Dotachin’s group might get arrested apart from Toramaru.

Then again, there’s no time to waste as Vorona and Slon are involved too!

Speaking of those two Russian assassins, Slon successfully kidnapped Akane Awakusu from Shiki’s grasp, so there’s a chance that the Awakusu-kai will go to Raira and get Mikiya’s daughter back!

Oh, and we couldn’t Aoba and his posse as they still want Ryuugamine-sempai to become the leader of the Blue Squares! Great, now all of the major players are gathering at a local field of all places.

Add Shizuo, Celty, and Masaomi-kun, and Episode 12 would be a blast for Izaya-kun. After all, he wanted it for the lulz!

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