Koufuku Graffiti Episode #11

This is the penultimate episode where Ryou is reviewing for her entrance exam. However, she lost her focus as Ryou missed her parents!

Speaking of her parents, I’m curious of what kind of work they’re doing? Oh, and there’s a rumor that they wanted to bring two bodyguards for their daughter.

But you know what, there’s no need for a bodyguard or two as Ryou got Kirin on her side. Oh, and she made a bowl of ramen noodles so it’s all good!

Well Ryou, you should take a break and dig in! After all, you can’t focus on your entrance exam with an empty stomach!

Speaking of exams, I wonder what happened to Shiina-san?

It turns out that Shiina-san got a letter of recommendation after doing good in her entrance exam. So therefore, she doesn’t have to worry screwing up the examination!

Sorry both of you, but Shiina-san got it first… And also Shiina-san, nice job on ruining their motivation for the upcoming exam!

But hey, at least Shiina-san brought some “good luck” tonkatsu sandwiches made by Tsuyuko-san!

Of course, I was wondering if Tsuyuko infused her good luck charm via the “Moe moe kyun~!” pose? Nah, she just too embarrassed to reveal that!

But anyways, both Ryou and Kirin’s motivation have gone back up thanks to Tsuyuko’s tonkatsu sandwiches!

Let’s hope that they passed the entrance exam next week!

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