Death Parade Episodes #10 & #11

And now, I’m back to blogging on the most awesome anime series that is Death Parade!

Sure that the epic air hockey match from Episodes 8 and 9 ended terribly between Tatsumi and Shimada, but life goes on as Quindecim has a new guest coming up. As for Decim, he’s continuing his stoic behavior but he’ll soon break out of his emotional shell!

Anyways, Episode 10 pits Decim and his black-haired assistant against a manga artist named Sachiko Uemura in a card game of Old Maid! Speaking of the Black-Haired Woman, her skin peeled off earlier, revealing that she’s a mannequin and her time at Quindecim is almost up.

As for the Old Maid card game, Sachiko got an early win. And also, Uemura-san knows that’s she’s already passed away, leaving behind a legacy for future generations with her manga!

With Uemura-san out, that leaves Decim and his assistant left on the game. However, the Black-Haired Woman got the Joker card, leaving Decim as the winner.

Afterwards, the Black-Haired Woman got her memories back as she was previously known as Chiyuki, where she wanted to become a figure skater after reading Chavvot.

Heck, she’s still good at skating despite being stuck in the afterlife for a very long time. However, the reason why Chiyuki died in the first place because she fractured her knee, ending her stunning skating career and her life afterwards!

While she already told her story to Decim, I feel that Chiyuki’s time is running out as she needs to be judged right now!

Meanwhile, Mayu wanted to wake Harada-kun up and so Ginti told her to get his soul back from the void. By the way, he’s showing off a mannequin and you know what that means…

Because what Mayu didn’t realized is that Ginti lied about saving Harada-kun’s soul. What an asshole arbiter he is!

So yes, both Mayu and Harada-kun’s skin are peeling off as they’ll turn back into mannequins…

…in which they did upon reaching the deepest part of the void. And look how it ended as both Mayu and Harada-kun hold hands together before their souls went down to the drain! Seriously Ginti, you ruined everything!

Anyways, it’s time for the final episode as it’s coming up for this week! As for Chiyuki, I wish her good luck on whether to go into the void or receive reincarnation!

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