Yuri Kuma Arashi Episode #11

So, regarding the war between humans and bears I mentioned back in Ep. 10? Well, it appears that there won’t be any war at all as Chouko Ooki and her extermination squad want nothing more than hunt down bears in their backyard!

Speaking of Ooki, she did something terrible…

…by tearing up Reia’s unfinished storybook in front of Kureha Tsubaki. If Chouko didn’t did on the last episode, I’ll be very pissed for being a bitch just like Kaoru Harishima!

Moving onto the story as Ginko Yurishiro has returned to the human world, now being controlled by Mitsuko Yurizono with her lust for eating Kureha.

Look at her red eyes, Ginko wants to eat Kureha so badly!

Fortunately, she broke free from Mitsuko as Ginko chose not to back down on her love. Bravo Ginko, going for true love is so sexy! Shabadadoo~!

Anyways, she finally made it to the rooftop as Ginko approaches Kureha. But then, Kureha wants Ginko to stay away from her…

That’s because it was a trap by Ooki-san in order to finish Ginko off! As she pulled the trigger, Chouko is certain that she killed Ginko in front of Kureha…

But then, it was revealed that Lulu took the bullet instead. Now I have more reasons to hate Chouko Ooki ’cause she ruined everything!

Don’t worry Lulu, Ginko will avenge your death on the final episode… I hope! And also, I hope that you’re happy reuniting with your annoying brother Mirun. Heck, he might even kiss you someday!

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