Parasyte -the maxim- Episode #24

Here’s what Migi looked like when Shinichi is dreaming. Creepy, huh?

Sadly though, Izumi-kun will forget his parasite friend once he wake up dream. Of course, Shinichi won’t accept that!

Anyway, Shinichi Izumi is now a normal human being, both in mental and emotional terms apart from not having superhero-like strength and endurance.

Oh, and he’s dating Satomi Murano since he wants to make up for lost time so it’s all good! However…

…their date got ruined when Uragami appeared. And you know what that means, this guy must be defeated as he kidnapped Satomi.

Oh, and not to mention stabbing and slashing two civilians to death just to get Izumi-kun’s attention at the rooftop.

Uragami, I think Shinichi Izumi is no longer a monster as Migi finally merged with him. And after going through harsh events like having his right hand take over, being somewhat apathetic after merging with Migi through his body, and regaining his humanity after confronting Reiko Tamura and Migi understanding emotions and whatnot, Izumi-kun got better instead of getting worse as I thought it would be!

Besides Uragami, it doesn’t matter if a human got hijacked by a parasite because you’re showing how bad humanity is by doing heinous acts like rape and murder, all while smiling happily at their plight!

So, here’s a thing… Get REKT by Shinichi, you goddamn monster! You deserved a beatdown by Izumi-kun, Uragami!

Of course, Uragami made a dickish move as he chose to drop Murano into the pavement! With Migi gone, Shinichi can’t bear to watch… or is it?

Luckily, Migi appeared to grab Satomi to safety for a brief moment. Damn, Migi sure lend Shinichi a helping hand at the right time!

Great job, and we’re gonna miss Izumi’s parasite buddy!

And with that comes the conclusion of Parasyte -the maxim- as Shinichi Izumi saved his girlfriend Satomi Murano. As for Uragami, there’s no indication on whether he’ll be hanged to death or escape again, but seeing him being punched by Izumi-kun is the most satisfying event I’ve ever seen!

Even though I dislike him at first during the first half of this show, I appreciate Shinichi’s evolution in the end from a boy who got his right arm hijacked by a parasite, into a grown man that’s not apathetic nor cynical to humanity’s future. Speaking of his future, it’s very uncertain as Shinichi didn’t go to college like the rest of his classmates. Still, his future is bright in my opinion!

For the adaptation itself, gotta say that Madhouse did an amazing job (as always) on adapting the whole Parasyte manga. Kudos to them, but using dub-step music in fighting scenes doesn’t sound right. Anyways, it’s time to say farewell to Parasyte and again, it’s a great adaptation by Madhouse so it’s recommended that you watch the whole series.

Anyways, see ya!

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