Kantai Collection Episodes #11 & #12

Today is the longest day of their lives as the fleet girls are participating in Operation MI. However, Akagi is worried that the operation might fall and she might get sunk by the Abyssal Fleet!

For those who are not World War 2 buffs, Operation MI is another name for the Battle of Midway. And sadly though, this naval battle was a major turning point in the Pacific Theater as the United States Navy defeated the Imperial Japanese Navy.

Anyways, Operation MI has begun as Akagi and her fellow carrier girls are moving closer to the island. As for the rest like Fubuki, they’re waiting for reinforcements which is very unlikely to happen anytime soon!

Speaking of reinforcements, Yamato is joining the fight! Better hope that her fuel last longer…

So they approached the island and attacked the Airfield Princess with bombs. By the way, this is the main boss of this operation as Midway Princess ain’t just a pushover!

Not only that, but this boss evolved into a stronger form that can regenerate herself after sustaining damage!

As the four carrier girls launched for the second bombardment, they’re not aware that they’re being targeted by a certain scorned aircraft carrier…

That’s right, I’m referring to the Wo-class Carrier as she brought in reinforcements to sink Akagi, Kaga, Souryuu, and Hiryuu down!

Of course, Black ★ Wock Shooter is still pissed at Fubuki for her humiliating loss. Right now, she’s here to bring misery to the fleet girls!

And so, Akagi and the rest are being helpless as the Abyssal Fleet have the advantage. Without their admiral, they’re sitting ducks!

For Akagi however, it appears that she’s bound to her tragic fate… or is it?

Fortunately, Akagi was finally saved by her escort ship Fubuki. Not only that, but she managed to sank the Wo-class Carrier which unfortunately wasn’t shown! Why Diomedia, why!?

Oh yeah, and Fubuki is not alone…

There’s Zuikaku and Shoukaku lending the carriers a hand after being repaired instantaneously. After all, Akagi and Kaga can’t destroy the Midway Princess with broken bows!

There’s also Ooi as she lands a kick to the enemy’s face. Don’t you dare hurt Kitakami or Ooichi will bring you a lot of pain!

Still, her love for Kitakami is unrequited as her partner is very oblivious to romance.

Meanwhile, Nagato joined the fray as she attacked the Abyssal Fleet with her lovely legs. That’s right, show to the enemy that being a secretary ship isn’t just for show!

And lastly, there’s a new character joining the fleet girls as Taihou arrived without any formal introduction. But basically, all of the girls from the Naval District went to MI island to help Akagi-sempai and her group!

Just kidding as the admiral selected most of the girls that are combat-ready while leaving others such as Shimakaze and Mutsuki. On the other, it leaves the Naval District open for a counter-attack from the Abyssal Fleet so it seems that the admiral didn’t learn his mistakes from Episode 9.

Speaking of the admiral, he has returned but his shadow is still shown! I bet that he swiped his credit card in order to buy lots and lots of repair buckets, just in case!

But with that said, the fleet girls fired their cannons at the Midway Princess, killing it like there’s no tomorrow! Sorry Midway Princess, but these girls are gonna defy their tragic fate!

Oh yeah, there’s a rumor that Kisaragi (judging from her hair ornament floating on the sea) participated on Operation MI as part of the Abyssal Fleet. Some say that she was turned into the Midway Princess or the one-eyed Wo-class Carrier, but we’ll never know as Kantai Collection is over!

And yes, the girls have returned and celebrate their victory. Yay! Gotta say that Diomedia’s anime adaptation of KanColle was very disappointing to the point that it’s the worst adaptation made by that studio.

Sure that the first episode got my hopes up since it’ll be like Strike Witches, but it wasn’t meant to be as the hype surrounding KanColle was completely shattered after watching the whole series. No wonder most of the viewers are mad about this series, especially the last episode where they rushed things up for a potential second season!

While I’m gonna say that there’s no way KanColle will get another season because of this mess, but it turns out that I was mistaken as Kantai Collection will have Season 2 just to pander those KanColle players to hell. If Diomedia didn’t make an improvement on Season 2, I’ll be very angry on why they have to adapt a browser game in the first place!

Anyways, I’m done with this show!

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