SHIROBAKO Episode #24

Oh look, it’s Segawa-san and I’m glad that she went to Musashino Animation for the last stretch of Third Aerial Girls Squad!

Speaking of the last stretch, this is the final episode of SHIROBAKO!

By the way, here’s Shizuka Sakaki as she’s taking small steps in her voice acting career after voicing Lucy. She’s now getting minor roles like “Girl A” instead of doing walla!

Speaking of Lucy, the final episode of Third Aerial Girls Squad is finished! Now all it needs to deliver the finished product to TV stations across Japan…

While most of the staff will deliver the tapes via train or airplane, a certain Yuka Okitsu has her way of getting things done…

Just let her deliver the final episode via her awesome driving skills. And she’s doing it in the show while being chased by the police!

By anyways, the tapes are delivered across Japan right on-time! Ranging from Kotarou Katsuragi who got his glasses broken after tripping himself…

…to Aoi Miyamori as she successfully delivered hers and now she’s doing a congratulatory speech. But you know what, I should thank you for pulling all the stops during the production of Third Aerial Girls Squad.

And let’s not forget that you have your friends from high school doing it together! Again, you did a great job as a production desk and you should treat yourself and your high school friends with donuts!

Well then, I guess SHIROBAKO is finally over. But hey, Tsutomu Mizushima and P.A.Works did an amazing job on this series after the studio screwing themselves up in Glasslip! From understanding the inner workings of the anime industry and its shout-outs, I have no doubt that it’s recommended to watch it from beginning to end!

And with that said, here’s the group shot of everyone who worked on MusAni’s Third Aerial Girls Squad. By the way, don’t even ask where is Chazawa-san as he’s the one who took this picture! Sucks to you, huh!

One more thing, if Tsutomu Mizushima is very keen on making another season of SHIROBAKO, I’ll be glad to!

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