Aldnoah.Zero Episode #24

Oh look, it’s Princess Lemrina. Of course, if only Count Slaine Troyard betrothed her sooner…

Anyways, with Princess Asseylum’s declaration in Ep. 23, some Orbital Knights are questioning Slaine as they continue fighting against the United Earth Forces. As for Slaine though, he has one final act on his sleeve…

And that’s abandoning the moon base and surrender to the enemy as Harklight, Barouhcruz, and the rest are doing it right now!

However, they decided to turn back and made their last-ditch effort of bringing down the Terrans, which is very unlikely to succeed as most of them will be killed anyway!

As for Princess Lemrina, she’s safe but it’s sad that her home will be destroyed any time soon. Oh yeah, and what about Slaine Troyard?

Well, he went to meet Inaho for a final duel together! And despite Inaho having the disadvantage due to his Analytical Engine…

…he managed to bested Slaine by getting close to his Tharsis and beat the shit out of him, even if Inaho’s trusty KG-6 Sleipnir an arm and a head. Well done Orange Kataphrakt, you served Inaho well!

And with that, the war between United Earth and Vers Empire is over now that Asseylum declared peace as the new Empress of the Vers Empire.

As for Slaine though, he was killed by Inaho as he’s the mastermind behind Asseylum’s assassination… but that’s the official report. In reality, Inaho spared him because Asseylum said so, and thus Slaine was sent for life imprisonment in secret!

But that’s Aldnoah.Zero. Sure that the peace process between Earth and Vers will be a long road ahead, which includes giving Aldnoah powers and its privileges to the Terrans, but it’s still vulnerable as some of the Orbital Knights aren’t happy of the cease-fire.

And while the Deucalion crew are now going to their normal lives, I found it surprising that Inaho retained his personality as I feared that he might lose it after countless uses of his Analytical Enginee, which he removed it after the war. Um, you can just put a fake eye instead of leaving it hollow and being covered by your eye-patch!

And now, I leave you with Empress Asseylum and Klancain. I hope she’s happy with Crutheo’s son and stay alive ’cause the peace process will be worthless without you!

Anyways, it was a good mecha show by A-1 Pictures but it needs more closure. Had Gen Urobuchi involved on this whole series from Eps. 1 to 24, Aldnoah.Zero might turned out better!

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