Death Parade Episode #12

By the way, I forgot about introducing Oculus as he’s being out of the loop lately. Now, he doesn’t want Nona’s plans to succeed…

Oh yeah, and speaking of Nona’s plans, she wants to break to arbiter’s code by injecting Decim with emotions. If you watched both Eps. 8 and 9, it seems that Nona is responsible for sending Tatsumi and Shimada to test Decim, breaking his emotional shell for a slight bit!

Of course, will Nona’s plan work when it’s time to judge Chiyuki on whether to receive reincarnation, or have her soul get lost into the void!

Anyways, let’s move onto the finale of Death Parade as Chiyuki somehow returned to the real world, as if her time at Quindecim is all just a dream.

I’m just joking as Chiyuki is still dead as she’s being tested by Decim. In fact, it takes places three months after Chiyuki’s suicide and her mother is still in mourning.

So, Chiyuki must choose on whether to return back to the real world or stay dead! If she chooses to return to the world of living, Chiyuki will have to forget everything she spent her time in Quindecim.

Chiyuki couldn’t forget that…

…and so was Decim as he finally broke down in tears, and I have to say that Nona’s plan finally worked!

On the other hand, it appears that his job as an arbiter will be revoked. However, Decim wasn’t booted out after this ordeal so his arbiter job is still intact. But damn I was happy that he could cry and smile like the rest!

But that’s Death Parade as the final judgement has ended with Chiyuki getting reincarnated in her next life.

Oh yeah, and this is where Chiyuki’s judgement took place where all of the mannequins are discarded. Pretty fitting for this place, considering that both of them are puppets!

As for Chiyuki, she bid farewell to Decim as she’ll leave her memories in the afterlife. Of course, Decim will always remember her as his black-haired assistant!

Anyways, I’m glad that Death Parade ended beautifully as it lives up to everyone’s expectations! Kudos to Madhouse for making this awesome anime series that not only look and sound great, but they did well on exploring the human psyche even though they’re technically puppets throughout the series. Oh, and not to mention putting those guests into extremes that shows their darkness within their hearts.

But with that said, thank you Madhouse for making this great anime series, and I’m glad that I watched it till the end!

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