Koufuku Graffiti Episode #12

On this final episode, there’s great news as both Ryou and Kirin passed the entrance exam. And together with Shiina-san. they’ll become classmates on the same high school!

Of course, I have a bad feeling that Koufuku Graffiti won’t have another season unlike their previous Manga Time Kirara title Hidamari Sketch. Despite that, let’s enjoy this comfy show one last time…

Anyways, it’s time for Kirin to graduate from middle school. After all, March is the perfect month for graduation as always.

Now that the graduation ceremony is over, it’s time to return to Ryou’s apartment for a feast!

Of course, she has to invite her friends and family like her aunt Akira. And yes, I’m sure she’s enjoying herself on planting- I mean hugging her niece!

By the way, Akira-san brought Ryou a graduation gift…

…which is actually her late grandmother’s apron. In fact, it fits Ryou-chan quite nicely with that apron!

Of course, her food will taste bland if there’s no one would share her meals.

So let’s invite Kirin-chan to that. Oh, and the reason why she has many baggage is because she’ll stay at Ryou’s apartment starting in Spring!

That means that they’ll enjoy eating food as long as they’re high school students. Way to go, Kirin!

Let’s not forget Shiina-san as she brought some Ebikatsu Sandwiches. After all, Tsuyuko-san made those cutlet sandwiches everyday! (That’s a pun by the way.)

And lastly, here’s Kirin’s parents as they’ll celebrate their daughter’s success. Not only that, but Kirin’s mother will cook her signature stir-fry vegetable dish. While they can invite Yuki Uchiki, but she’s busy becoming a teacher or sort.

All I can say is at the end of the day, Ryou-chan is not alone as she has company who can eat together and share their feelings. And that’s the moral story of Koufuku Graffiti!

Despite having those erotic-like eating during the course of this series, I feel that this show can be summed up as “comfort food” as Studio SHAFT made it so relaxing to watch. Heck, I got so hungry upon looking those slow-mo, close-up shots of those characters eating their food!

Good anime series by SHAFT, but it’ll be overlooked by the likes of GochiUsa and KinMosa. Anyways, see ya Ryou-chan and friends… Happy eating!

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