Log Horizon 2 Episode #25

Here it is, the final battle to save Elder Tale from eternal sleep! As you can see, Shiroe’s raid party are fighting against a Lvl. 86 Genius named Taliktan. While this raid boss is weak in terms of individual level…

…you have to take note of Shiroe’s raid party as the party’s average level is in the scale of 70 to 80. Therefore, they’ll have a hard time beating this Genius as someone will have to get attention from Taliktan’s eternal moths all while constantly channel their MP in order to stay away.

Oh yeah, and it’s seem that Taliktan is desperately putting all to sleep by using the antenna, which is bad ’cause he might destroy it! So, they move him away from the tower to the main hall…

…where Taliktan evolved not once but twice! By the way, I found out that the TV station in Shibuya is actually the main headquarters of NHK. As you can see, this is the NHK Hall where Kohaku Uta Gassen in held every New Year’s Eve.

In any case, this final battle to save Elder Tale is now aired live at the NHK Hall!

But then again, Shiroe’s raid party will just gonna wreck Taliktan to pieces. Let them kill that Genius like there’s no tomorrow!

And with that, Taliktan is defeated and Elder Tale is saved. Not only that, but they managed to save the antenna to so it’s a win-win for Shiroe!

Great job to the villain-in-glasses and to everyone involved on this epic dungeon raid!

And now, it’s time to communicate the Obversers. However, it seems that Shiroe picked up a signal that’s not from the moon, but from the Chinese server!

That means, Shiroe is talking to Kanami and her ragtag party. While Kanami continues to move towards east, she got a new member joining her party…

And it’s Krusty, of all people! Wow dude, did you feel groggy after being caught by Misa’s ominous scythe back in Ep. 6? Good thing he’s back though, but he doesn’t have his trusty axe! However, Krusty got Misa’s twitchy right arm so I’m hoping he’ll return it once he get back to Yamato!

Oh yeah, one more thing to add as Kanami is actually a MILF as she has a three year-old daughter back in the real world. And so, Kanami wanted her daughter to see the world of Elder Tale.

But you know what, Shiroe got a better idea as he’ll try to connect Elder Tale to the real world, which is a long shot to accomplished. And if Shiroe couldn’t do it, he can just call Kirito and he’ll help the villain-in-glasses out! Nah, just kidding about the Kirito part…

Anyways, that’s about it for the second season of Log Horizon as Regan screwed up the communicator. Why do you have to mess things up, old man!?

Gotta say that it was a fun ride even though the animation quality dropped a bit thanks to Studio DEEN. Oh, and forgot to mention that I’m disappointed of having Kanami’s arc getting a single episode instead of two. But nevertheless, it’s still good and kudos to both Studio DEEN and Mamare Touno on making Log Horizon great!

Oh yeah, let’s go to Susukino since they got trouble over there…

Never mind about any trouble or whatsoever. But hey, Demikas is happy that his lander wife has finally awake!

As for William Massachusetts, I think he’s irritated that he wants both of them to get a room! Oh William…

Back at Minami, there’s a rumor that Nureha is planning for a peace treaty between Plant Hwyaden and the Round Table Conference. That’s something Indicus don’t want to happen!

After all, Indicus is always treating Nureha as her bitch, but not this time around! Sorry Indicus, but it’s time for Kazuhiko-san to escort you away!

Finally, here’s Roe 2 as she got something far better than a TV station. She got a freaking rocket ship for her big brother!

Now it’s up to Shiroe on how to work it out, but that’ll save for a potential third season.

With that said, I leave you with this as Shiroe can’t choose between Minori’s mapo tofu or Akatsuki’s curry! Um, you can eat both by the way…

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