Cross Ange: Tenshi to Ryu no Rondo Episode #25

Well Alektra, seems that you’re gonna die like a broken woman with a cigar in her mouth!

But hey, at least Salia learned her lesson the hard way thanks to you! I still hate her though…

So yes, former commander Alektra “Jill” Maria von Levenherz has died and it’s all Embryo’s fault! By the way, I have to make a correction as Embryo didn’t merge with Aura, meaning that his body is inside his Ragna-Mail. That means, Aura manage to stop merging of both worlds but it can’t hold on much longer.

Of course, I have a feeling that he’s dead all along. And if that one is true, the fact that he wants to bang Ange it’s so mind-boggling!

Meanwhile, Embryo is about to rape Ange even though she was taken by Tusk…

…but that’s okay as he’ll purify her, which doesn’t make sense at all ’cause no matter how many times Embryo repair her hymen, Ange is still Tusk’s girl!

Long story short, it’s fucking useless!

Luckily, Tusk, Salamandinay, Salia, and Hilda managed to find Ange thanks to her lovely singing voice. Oh, and she was singing her swan song as Embryo is about to rape her. Dammit!

And what a way to save Ange is the usual face-plant onto her crotch courtesy of Tusk! Way to go and it’s still censored though…

See, there’s no need to complain about it ’cause Sunrise won’t bother adding nipples! Barbie anatomy, everyone?

Also, Hilda is shouting to Ange, telling her to put some clothes on! Gee, can you just wait?

So yes, Ange got her clothes back using a bit of magic! And also, random lens flare to cover some naughty bits but you wouldn’t care!

Moving onto the climax as Ange’s Vilkiss got her final upgrade. Of course, it’s just the same but with red accents and a slight increase in power.

What a lame-ass upgrade you showed to us, Fukuda-san! Oh, and it’s not just Ange’s Vilkiss…

But Hilda and Salia’s Ragna-Mail just got some upgrades as well!

And like the Vilkiss, it’s just the same but it was recolored to match the pilot. As for Salamandinay, she’s okay with her Enryuugou so there’s no need for upgrades!

Meanwhile, Tusk attacked Embryo despite the fact that he’s at a disadvantage!

Luckily though, Tusk managed to slash at Embryo’s left shoulder. And I have to say that he’s not dead all along as I imagined, but the fact that Embryo is confirmed alive and breathing as a human!

Of course, I wonder if he’s controlling his Ragna-Mail with his mind? I guess we’ll never know, but let’s kill this jerkass god-wannabe and save both worlds!

And what a way to complete Operation Last Libertus is to have Ange destroy Embryo’s Ragna-Mail with her music…

…all while Tusk cut this jerkass Tuner in half for good measure! Also, if you don’t like white-colored blood, you can just color it pink or magenta!

Oh, and if it’s not enough, Ange can just deliver the coup de grace to get rid of Embryo for good! And with that, Operation Last Libertus is successful and both worlds are saved!

Well, except for Embryo’s failed mana-centric world where it’s now is disarray. Well, it’s their fault for relying too much on Mana as well as treating Normas like scums!

Also, it seems that Sylvia has now took arms and became a renegade who protect weak people from thugs. I still hate her guts though, and I don’t care if she turned a new leaf!

Meanwhile back at the old Earth, the DRAGONs are celebrating that they can live in peace together with Normas! Oh, and Vivian is alive and she’s now living with her mother! How touching…

Lastly, Ange created a new nation but who cares on making a state and become a leader… I mean, she’s living the dream together with Tusk as they made a cafe bearing her name! And it’s so romantic to see that!

But that’s about it for Cross Ange. Gotta say that it’s better than Valvrave, but it’s still a train-wreck for a good number of reasons. From the animation quality drop to the ridiculous plot, Cross Ange did those categories better than Valvrave. Oh, and to mention that it has some closure of all things instead of leaving us hanging!

While I enjoyed how ridiculous Cross Ange is, I feel that the biggest turn-off is none other than Embryo. Sure that he’s got potential to be a great villain, but it turned out to be a lecherous bastard who wants to impregnate Ange and throw her away as used goods just like the rest! And you know what, his actions reminds me of Nobuyuki Sugou for Sword Art Online, which I still hate him though.

With that said, I’m glad that I made out alive it’s time for me to say good-bye to Ange and company! Thank you Mitsuo Fukuda, you give me and the viewers a HAPPY END!

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