Winter 2014: The end of the rest…

This post is brought you by Unlimited Fafnir as the show is finally over. Sure that Yuu Mononobe and the rest of the Brynhildr Class defeated the Basilisk Dragon from reverting Earth to the ice age, but seeing Yuu exchanging his memories for more firepower might turn him into a vegetable!

Also, Kili Surt Muspelheim is such a troll. Although she almost succeed on turning Tear into a Dragon, I still hate her guts!

01. Gundam Build Fighters Try

Let’s start with GBF Try as Seiho Academy’s Team Try Fighters made into the championship match and they’re one win away from getting the national title against Gunpla Academy’s Celestial Sphere. They not only show their amazing teamwork between two sides, but it was an epic match especially during overtime.

Of course, there’s only one winner as Team Try Fighters takes the crown from Celestial Sphere, so good job to Sekai, Yuuma, and Fumina-sempai for winning it! Sadly though, this sequel can’t surpass its predecessor even though there’s more Gunpla introduced in GBF Try.

And despite all of that, I feel that Sunrise and Bandai will green-lit Season 3 in the near future just to milk some more Gunplas!


Onto WIT Studio’s stylish anime as it headed towards its climax. While it’s still stylish ala Kill la Kill, THE ROLLING GIRLS introduced something that’s similar to Studio Trigger’s TV series… And that’s aliens, for which Chiaya Misono and her mother Haruka came from another planet!

Speaking of Haruka Misono, it was revealed that she wasn’t Chiaya’s real mother at all. Not only that, Haruka wanted to gather all the stones so that she could return her adopted daughter back to her real parents. In the end though, Chiaya will have to leave her friends and go back home but at least she got a great time meeting them.

Oh yeah, and as for the stones, it doesn’t power up a person and become a Best. In fact, the Bests can become stronger with their willpower alone. But yes, it’s a fun ride for THE ROLLING GIRLS and thanks to WIT Studio for making it! Not only that, kudos to them for making shout-outs to the legendary punk band The Blue Hearts!

03. Maria the Virgin Witch

Moving onto Maria the Virgin Witch were I got so tensed during the last 4 episodes… You see, I was so pissed that Galfa attempted to rape Maria. He failed though, but damn Galfa managed to lose her magic. Luckily, Galfa got beaten up by Joseph so there’s comeuppance!

As for Maria, she got her magic back simply because she loved Joseph so much. Not only that, but God forgive Maria as she was accepted by everyone as a witch who save lives instead of harm, so it’s all good for her. One more thing, there’s much rejoicing as Father Bernard got divine punishment for being a smug priest!

Overall, it’s a great anime to watch, but the last 4 episodes leading up to the climax was the most intense episodes I’ve ever seen. One last note, this scene is referenced to divine conception in which Ezekiel will be born as Maria’s daughter. Of course, we’ll never know…

04. Gundam Reconguista in G

And lastly, I’ll end this post with Tomino-san’s G-Reco as the conflict between Capital Tower, Towasanga, and Ameria is finally over. All of the major players involved on the conflict are killed in action such as Cumpa Rusita, Noutu Dorette, and surprisingly Nick Klim’s father Zuchini Nicchini as Ameria’s president got run over by a Crescent Ship.

For the rest of the characters, most of them are alive and they’re living normally. And while Aida will be involved in diplomacy among the three factions, her brother Bellri has decided to travel the world. Heck, he even met Tomino’s character during his visit in Japan!

For my final thoughts on Reconguista in G, I have to say that it was a fun ride watching Tomino’s latest work, especially when it comes to its art style and its unusual mobile suit design. However, I feel that this series having 26 episodes isn’t enough to bring some sense to it all as future episodes made it more confusing.

Then again, that’s how Tomino-san roll as he’s testing the viewers with his quirky, rapid-fire writing and directorship that puts them off-guard with all the random talk and stuff that came out of nowhere. Long story short, G-Reco isn’t for everyone (especially for Gundam fans) who doesn’t have the patience to watch this show. Again, it was a fun ride watching G-Reco and I applaud Yoshiyuki Tomino for making this new Gundam series.

And that’s about it for this post. As for the 2014 Anime Season review, it’ll be delayed but I’ll be posting it in the near future. Anyways, see ya next season!

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