Highschool DxD BorN Episode #01

Uncensored boobies FTW! (as always…)

Yes, Issei Hyoudou is freaking happy that he’s being surrounded by boobies. Uncensored boobies that makes us very happy (and also giving Shinmai Maou the finger for being censored in the first place)!

However, not this time though as Issei has scars that he couldn’t forget like being killed by Yuuma (aka Raynale) on his first date! Ah, the memories…

Anyways, here’s Highschool DxD BorN and kudos to TNK for making another season! However, I felt so cautious about this one because having them adapting 3 volumes instead of 2 might spell for disaster. Heck, I feel that this might be the last season if things went awry! Please don’t screw this one Kadokawa!

Back to the main plot as Akeno-san wakes Issei up. Of course given that he’s sandwiched between Rias and Asia, things might heat up a bit between the Occult Research Club president and the vice-president.

Also, I forgot to tell you that the Hyoudou residence has become a mansion thanks to Rias Gremory’s intervention, so there’s more room for Issei’s growing harem. Sadly though, Issei Hyoudou couldn’t satisfy to the fullest because of his past scars!

Anyways, the Occult Research Club are taking their summer vacation in the underworld. While they’ll do the usual rest and relaxation, Rias-sempai and the gang will do training as well in order to get stronger. C’mon, Vali Lucifer and the Khaos Brigade might show up and harass them!

Meanwhile, seems that Koneko-chan is getting a bit downer lately. Could it be that Koneko doesn’t like seeing someone, or it’s just that she needs a friend to hug her tightly?

Moving onto the next scene as they’re greeted by Tannin. Unfortunately instead of the usual (and polite) greeting, this dragon-turned-devil simply attacked them.

And without Rias-sempai nor Azazel-sensei around, they’re completely fucked as Tannin is powerful even if he’s using 1/1000 of his original power!

So if you lower your guard against Tannin, he’ll be whipping you away and get slammed against a rocky wall as Koneko demonstrates.

By the way, it doesn’t explain why Koneko got a big head gash. Normally, Koneko-chan would die due to Tannin’s immerse power even if he’s holding it back. But then again, she’s a devil and a cat girl so Koneko will be fine I guess!

Anyways, Azazel intervened and stop the battle. Had Tannin used his full power, the Gremory Clan and its conquered territories will be wiped out aside from the Occult Research Club.

Oh well, it’s time for some rest and relaxation after being pwned by Tannin!

While you enjoy some male fanservice courtesy of Azazel-sensei, he asked Issei if he already pushed Rias Gremory’s nipples apart from groping her breasts?

Naturally, he didn’t go far from pushing her nipples like a doorbell, let alone suck it. Even so, Issei is determined to push Rias-sempai’s nipples no matter what!

By the way, Highschool DxD would originally feature breast-sucking, but Fujimi Shobo shot it down as it’s already too lewd to add that (not to mention becoming similar to Seikon no Qwaser). Also, which one would you prefer: Breasts or Nipples? C’mon, it’s in the title!

Speaking of Rias, it seems that she’s having doubts on her role as a leader, not to mention being worried about Issei-kun.

Maybe Rias wants to get her lovely kouhai noticed. Not just in perverted ways, but for something more intimate like love! Then again, Issei-kun couldn’t express his true feelings because of his trauma. That’s sad…

Maybe in future episodes, Issei-kun might overcome his trauma through training and confess his feelings for Rias-sempai!

One more thing, I’m here to briefly introduced two members of the Khaos Brigade. One is Bikou who appeared in Ep. 12 of Highschool DxD NEW just to stop Vali Luficer from powering up!

And if you noticed his headband, Bikou is based on Sun Wukong (or Son Goku) complete with a monkey staff.

And lastly, here’s Kuroka who happened to be Koneko’s well-endowed elder sister. No wonder Koneko-chan is worried on meeting Kuroka for a long time!

Anyways, onto the next episode and I’m glad that it’s back! ALL HAIL OPPAI!!!

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