Hello! Kiniro Mosaic Episode #01

Ah, look at those two girls… It’s very cute to see both Shinobu Omiya and Alice Cartelet taking their breakfast together.

After all, they’re now in their second year and I hope that they’ll be together until graduation!

But then it seems that both Alice and Shino-chan are in separate classes. Good thing there’s Karen and Aya to keep Shino-chan in company while Yoko takes care of Alice-chan on the other side.

Oh, and they’ll meet each other during lunch break so it’s not the end of the world for both of them!

And with that said, Kiniro Mosaic has returned for another season! Nothing like watching Shino ogling over blonde hair, but Shino has her dreams of becoming an interpreter one day after seeing someone helping a foreigner when she was just a child.

One more thing, there’s a new character introduced named Akari Kuzehashi, the Home Economics teacher and also the adviser of Class 2-A.

First impression, I have to say that Kuzehashi-sensei acted like a usual strict teacher…

…especially when she’s scolding Karen for sleeping in class in addition to her gaudy uniform.

But deep down to her stern personality, Kuzehashi-sensei wants to be loved by everyone! You know what, there’s one thing you’ll need to do…

Why not wear some bunny ears as Karasuma-sensei suggested. It’ll attract more students with your cuteness in no time! Sadly though, Kuzehashi-sensei declined Karasuma’s offer which is very sad for this new teacher.

Anyways, looking forward for next week’s episode!

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