The Disappearance of Yuki Nagato-chan Episode #02

Say, here’s a great idea… Why not decorate the Literature Club with fake snow! It’ll be very lovely since it’s Christmas!

But then again, it wasn’t a great idea. Also, Ryouko Asakura doesn’t like having fake snow in the room, and thus being angry at both Kyon and Nagato-chan ’cause they’re playing instead of decorating!

Anyways, they’re having a Christmas party at the club room and I’m happy that Mikuru and Tsuruya-san joined in.

Yup, this party is already kicking and damn their Santa costumes looked good on them!

On the other hand, it appears that Nagato-chan tries to tell her feelings for Kyon. However, she was stopped by Asakura-san of all people! Damn, why it has to be like this!?

By the way, it seems that it’s not all fun and festivities though on this episode, as the Literature Club is on the brink of being disbanded due to short of members. And while Kyon and Ryouko joined the club, it seems that it’s not enough to save it…

You know what Yuki-chan, here’s a thing… Have Haruhi Suzumiya join the Literature Club and it’s all good! Oh, and add Itsuki, Mikuru, and Tsuruya-san as well because the more the merrier!

And by the way, glad that Aya Hirano has returned for this spin-off (complete with the original soundtrack from the 2006 anime series). Don’t ever chance Haruhi, don’t ever change…

With that said, see ya next week!

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