Highschool DxD BorN Episode #02

This is Venelana Gremory, the mother of both Sirzechs and Rias Gremory. Gotta say that she’s like a brunette version of her dear daughter!

Also, Venelana is impressed by Issei’s courage after storming to the engagement party and beat the hell out of Riser Phenex. Gotta say, Rias’ parents got his back now!

Anyways, it’s time to train their asses off once they get out of bed. And by the way, glad that Issei is surrounded by Xenovia and Asia as sleeping on a king-sized bed is freaking lonely!

Also, this is the only picture with exposed nipples courtesy of Xenovia, so be happy about it!

But yes, they must train harder in order to fight stronger foes like Vali Lucifer. Most of them will either face their weaknesses or sharpen their existing skills…

But for Issei Hyoudou, he’ll be trained by Tannin ’cause Azazel wants him to achieve Balance Breaker… and there’s no girl that’ll join him so Issei-kun is pretty much lonely without the sight of boobies!

Well then, I hope you can survive Tannin’s attacks because it’s for your own sake! Then again, I’m pretty much worried about Issei since Tannin ain’t holding it back, leaving the young Red Dragon Warrior having no time to recover.

Anyways, their first day of training is over. I hope he leveled up thanks to Tannin!

Moving onto the next scene as the Occult Research Club went to a gathering of young devils. So therefore, let’s introduce more characters like Sairaorg Bael.

Originally, he made a cameo appearance back in Episode 12 of Season 1. But this time, this episode marks his first formal appearance. Anyway, Sairaorg is not only Rias’ cousin, but he’s the strongest devil ever existed! In fact, he punched a rowdy devil with a single punch.

Meanwhile, seeing this unnamed guy reeks with bad news! That’s my gut feeling…

By the way, see that girl with the blonde hair? That’s Asia, and I fear that her life is being threatened by this young devil. Trying to tell Asia to get away from him won’t work!

Finally, here’s a familiar character from Season 1. This girl is Riser’s little sister Ravel, who stopped Issei after seeing her brother down back in Ep. 12.

Now first of all, Riser Phenex sucks and he’s now scared of going outside and challenge Issei in another rematch! Second, seeing Ravel-chan is so freakin’ cute and also she’s currently a free-lance devil!

So therefore, there’s a chance that she’ll join Issei’s harem and help him, something that her brother Riser doesn’t approve! Also, Ravel gave Issei a present… Just hoping that it’s helpful for him!

But anyways, I’m gonna end this post as Kuroka finally met Koneko-chan after separating for a long time…

One more thing to add before closing this post, it was revealed that both Koneko and Kuroka are the last of their kind.

Once more, Kuroka wants to take Koneko-chan and become powerful together, something that Koneko won’t accept it since Kuroka is far more dangerous as she has devil powers!

Until then, see ya next episode…

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