Hello! Kiniro Mosaic Episode #02

This is Kuzehashi-sensei… You know her as the strict teacher who can’t smile and become friendly with the students.

See her face? That’s her attempt to make a happy face, but she couldn’t as her face looked intimidating!

But you know what Kuzehashi-sensei, take some notes from Karasuma-sensei over here as she demonstrates on how to be happy just by hugging Alice-chan tightly!

See, that’s how Karasuma-sensei roll with a smile on her face! She would smile better if Alice wear a bunny hat…

Anyways, Kuzehashi-sensei needs something to make her happy, so Karen did something for her…

…by giving her a handmade lion plushie. And Kujo-san made it during break time using scraps of cloth.

What can I say, Karen got some talent there. Then again, Shinobu Omiya is better when it comes to sewing clothes!

But let’s not talk about who’s the better seamstress as Kuzehashi-sensei is happy about receiving a gift from Karen Kujo. Good job Karen-chan, you made her very happy!

So I guess that they’re friends right?

Nah, just kidding… I mean, it’s not like Kuzuhashi-sensei will soften up a bit just because Karen gave her a plushie!

But anyways, it’s a long way to go for both of them! And with that said, I see you next week!

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