Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku Episode #02

This is Seisa Mikagura and you know her as the club president of the Going-Home Club, which is self-explanatory and also legit too! BTW, that’s a term for student who don’t join clubs.

While Eruna joined her club, it seems that Seisa is very much annoyed at the freshman. Sorry Eruna-chan, but Seisa-buchou doesn’t like you!

Anyways, it’s time for Eruna Ichinomiya’s first taste into club battles as she faces Himi Yasaka from the Calligraphy Club. With no superpowers of her own, Eruna’s first battle is gonna suck…

…especially when it comes to Himi’s Lovely Ink, which manipulates blotches of ink and turn into deadly speed lines and dragons ala Itano Circus!

Yup, it’ll sure be a curb-stomp battle for Eruna Ichinomiya. Also, nice scene there Dogakobo!

But that’s until she found some powers during the battle, as Eruna stumbled across a forbidden room where a ghost (or a spirit) tells Eruna to unlock her dormant superpowers.

How convenient for this to happen, but that spirit should tell Eruna to unlock her powers in the very first episode! Oh well…

Anyways, Eruna Ichinomiya got her powers as not only she can run fast like Sonic (GOTTA GO FAST!), but she can fire beams of light like Yusuke Urameshi from Yu-Yu Hakusho (or Ghost Fighter if you’re living in the Philippines).

And she defeated Himi Yasaka with a single shot. Well ladies and gentlemen, Eruna made an upset on her first club battle!

Anyways, to the next episode. And by the way, I hope Eruna get some better treatment like having a room and a full-course meal since she won the match!

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