Highschool DxD BorN Episode #03

Last episode, it’s the gathering of young devils at the Gremory territory. But in addition to that, there’s also a conference between devils, angels (both pure and fallen), and surprisingly mythological beings.

Take Odin for example as he’s joining the conference for reconciliation and cooperation among the three factions. Oh yeah, and Odin has Rossweisse as his bodyguard which she’ll be formally introduced on the next episode!

Of course, there are some people who don’t want peace like Loki for example, as he tries to ruin the conference by summoning Fenrir and other familiars to fight!

Luckily, Sirzechs and other parties participating in the conference forced Loki to a retreat so it’s all good! (Actually, it’s Ajuka Beelzebub who drove Loki away.)

By the way, this is Akeno’s father Baraqiel whom she hated him very much for her fallen angel lineage. Originally, he was supposed to appear in later episodes, but TNK made Baraqiel’s appearance very early. I hope it won’t get worse from there…

Meanwhile, both Rias-sempai and Issei-kun appeared to get Koneko-chan back from Kuroka. As you can see, Rias Gremory can bring her happiness and love compared to Koneko’s power-hungry sister.

Gotta say that it’s beautiful to see them as sisters! Unfortunately, Kuroka won’t give up on taking Koneko (or Shirone) back…

So she’ll have to resort it by force to get her little sister back, but Issei won’t let that happen as he use his body to protect Rias and Koneko-chan!

Sadly for Issei-kun, his powers are outclassed compared to Kuroka and Bikou from the Khaos Brigade.

Speaking of Bikou, he’s busy fighting against Tannin in which the strongest dragon appeared to help Issei-kun.

Of course, Tannin will not gonna fight Kuroka so it’s up to the Red Dragon Emperor to level-up and fight Koneko’s sister!

And what a way to do it is to push Rias’ nipples. But then, Issei is conflicted on whether to push the right nipple or the left.

You know what, why not push both nipples at the same time ’cause it’ll cost your life if you can’t make sound decisions in the middle of the battle!

See, even Rias-sempai is embarrassed on waiting for her lovely junior to push her buttons and go “IYAAN~!!”. Just do it Issei-kun, please!

But with that said, Issei pushed both nipples and Rias made a lewd sound. Of course, it would be nice if her “IYAAN~!!” is more dramatic and longer…

But hey, at least Issei has achieved Balance Breaker on his Boosted Gear. Although he did it in a lewd way, Issei Hyoudou and Ddraig are ready to teach Kuroka a lesson!

And look, his Scale Mail has wings! Better hope that Issei got stronger so he can kick Kuroka’s ass!

Or maybe a punch to her bitchy face would suit him better. And look, Kuroka got flinched due of his surging energy to Issei’s right fist!

Oh yeah, and Issei destroyed a forest and a couple of mountains just to show Kuroka that he means business. Remember Kuroka, you’re not worthy to take care of Koneko-chan for you’ll make her cry!

But yes, Issei Hyoudou has achieved Balance Breaker and he scared Kuroka away from Koneko Toujou. Now that the Khaos Brigade (plus Loki) have retreated, I guess that it’s all good for the conference to continue and make a peace deal among the three factions.

Anyways, time to get excited on Rossweisse next week!

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