Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku Episode #03

Looks like Eruna-chan is having a full-course meal after her first win against Himi Yasaka. Of course, will she continue her winning streak or crash down like the rest?

Meanwhile, we have a practice match on this episode as Asuhi Imizu from the Astronomy Club take on Yuuto Akama from the Drama Club. Look at Yuuto’s angry expression… He’s serious on smacking Asuhi-kun’s girly face!

And sadly though, seems that Asuhi-kun can’t hit Yuuto with his Shooting Star, so therefore Akama defeated Imizu easily with his Coup d’etat Faker ability. That’s very unfortunate for that poor member of the Astronomy Club…

Speaking of practice matches, there’s more as Eruna Ichinomiya was challenged by Seisa Mikagura. However, there’s a catch as Eruna will be forced to leave the club if she loses the match. And unfortunately, she does lose to Seisa Mikagura thanks to her Killing Art, which is the most broken ability on this series as Mikagura-san can win without much effort.

Well, there goes her full-course meal and other benefits. It’s suck for Eruna-chan right now as she doesn’t have a club to join to… unless she made a club on her own which is a good idea, but it’ll take some effort to attract new members in order to join Eruna’s club and make it legit (unlike Seisa’s questionable Going-Home Club).

So with that said, the only way for Eruna to attract new members is to join the Rookie Tournament. Of course, it won’t be easy though!

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