Le Eden de la Grisaia Episode #01

Well ladies and gentlemen, here’s the third and final series in the Grisaia trilogy as the girls are now fully-involved in Yuuji Kazami’s struggle!

But you know what, it seems that 8-bit would start this series with a flashback episode which is supposed to include in the Labyrinthe 1-hour special, but they can’t due to time constraints.

But hey, at least we’ll see how Yuuji would fare under Asako Kusakabe’s care. So let’s continue to Yuuji’s backstory where Asako-san has decided to quit the anti-terrorist organization in order to take care of Yuuji.

Oh, and her sight is getting blurry so Kusakabe’s sniping ability is somewhat compromised! With that in mind, Asako will try her best to raise Yuuji full-time with some tough lovin’…

Well except for cooking meals in which JB will take care of that. Oh yeah, that censored part of this pic is actually a male sexual organ of a deer!

Likewise, Julia Bardera grossed-out upon seeing a penis. Sorry Kusakabe-san, but your culinary skills sucks!

Moving on as Asako trained Yuuji how to fight properly without dismembering someone’s limb nor stabbing his/her neck with a knife.

She’s making sure that Yuuji won’t become an emotionless killing machine, unlike Heath Oslo who previously trained him as a crossdressing assassin!

Apart from melee training, Asako passed her sniping knowledge on Yuuji for future applications since her poor eyesight is getting worse. No wonder Yuuji got great aim thanks to Kusakabe-san!

Even though he’s trained in hand-to-hand combat and sniping, Yuuji Kazami is still human.

In fact, there’s one time where Yuuji and his dog John Doe got attacked by a mother bear. Said bear already claimed a casualty in the form of Yuuji’s dog and he’s about to get himself pounced and mauled to death!

Naturally, Yuuji’s instincts tells him to kill the bear as quickly as possible. However, he decides to flee as the bear has two cubs to take care of. Killing a parent bear might leave her two cubs to die in the wild!

And so, Yuuji returned to his master, battered and bruised after encountering a bear which killed his dog John Doe. Of course, this tragic event served as a reminder for Yuuji as his humanity is starting to return, all while getting over his past trauma.

After that event, Yuuji Kazami got better under Asako’s care. Sadly though, Asako Kusakabe was mysteriously killed. But even so, Yuuji is indebted to his master’s teaching as he became a man that we currently see today.

Still, Yuuji has one obstacle to overcome as he’ll face Heath Oslo to put a closure to his past, but that’ll save it for future episodes! Till then, Le Eden de la Grisaia will return to the present in Ep. 2…

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