The Disappearance of Yuki Nagato-chan Episode #04

Looks like both Haruhi and Tsuruya-san are ready to rumble for Mikuru-chan. It’s gonna be intense between these two girls!

Nevermind, seems that Ryouko doesn’t want a brawl inside the clubroom. But you know what, she’s thinking of a three-way battle!

Just kidding, no brawls allowed in the clubroom! Deal with it…

Anyways, this week’s episode is all about Valentine’s Day and Yuki-chan is eager to make chocolate for Kyon. How sweet and no lame pun intended!

Of course, given that Nagato is a klutz on this spin-off, expect some messy mistakes coming from her. Luckily, there’s Asakura-san helping her. Gotta say, good luck to Yuki Nagato!

Meanwhile, Haruhi dragged Kyon to a river bank to find kappas (No, not the kappa from Twitch) since she’s always interested in extra-terrestrials and other special beings!

But you know what, I think she’s interested on stealing Kyon away from Yuki-chan since Haruhi saw him as interesting… not like he has superpowers or anything!

Sooner or later, we’ll have a love triangle which is a very weird addition to this spin-off!

Oh look, it’s Taniguchi and he’s anticipating on getting chocolates from girls. But you know what, let’s move on as he’ll won’t get any!

One last thing, both Mikuru and Yuki-chan failed to give Kyon some hand-made chocolate, so it’s sucks to them very much… Poor girls, better luck next year!

Just kidding, it’s not yet over for both of them so let’s wait and see next week! I hope it doesn’t escalate quickly…

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