Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid Episode #04

On this episode, looks like Vivio and her friends got good grades on their exam. That means, there’s no problem for them when they’re going to a summer vacation at Lutecia’s place!

Oh yeah, and not only Rio and Corona will join Vivio-chan, but Einhart will join her as well. Let’s hope that Vivio-chan will strengthen their friendship with Einhart, apart from one-upping her in a rematch!

So yes, Vivio and her friends are going to Lutecia’s home planet for some rest and relaxation. Oh, and they’ll do training together with the members of the famous Riot Force 6 aside from Nove and Lutecia.

Speaking of Riot Force 6, Caro Ru Lushe and Erio Mondial have returned. It’s great to see those two back since the famous Riot Force 6 disbanded four years ago! Not only that, they looked stunning!

Lastly, here’s Lutecia Alpine and her mother Megane as they welcome the guests for their vacation/training camp!

Like the Numbers, Lutecia became a good girl after StrikerS. Not only that, but she’s finally reunited with her mother so Lutecia is living a happy life!

But anyways, their vacation/training camp continues on the next episode. One more thing, Einhart can’t swim faster than Vivio but she can make big splashes with her fists!

And now I leave you with Vivio and her friends enjoying their vacation. See ya next week and I hope they got stronger or something!

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