Spring 2015: Additional titles to the rest of the field…

“DOMO, I am Ninja Slayer!”

Here’s an update for Spring 2015 as I decided to stop covering Ninja Slayer because it’s sucks!

Just kidding, I’ll just gonna continue watching this new series by Studio Trigger as Ninja Slayer return to their roots, specifically Inferno Cop in terms of animation. If you get past to Ninja Slayer’s Flash-like animation, then you’ll have a blast as it has great soundtrack and ridiculous characters to make you entertained!

By the way, I’ve decided to blog Ore Monogatari!! as it got interesting. Look forward to that in the future!

Oh yeah, and I’m just gonna add a new series that I’ll be watching this Spring 2015. It’s Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches where you have a guy named Ryu Yamada swapping bodies with Urara Shiraishi and other girls by kissing!

It’s a guilty pleasure for me as it’s so hilarious to watch with those Freaky Friday moments, aside from the usual fanservice as Urara shows her lovely body (it’s actually Ryu Yamada possessing Urara’s body).

Anyways, I have like tons of backlog anime shows to watch and blog so please be patient about it! Till then…

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