Hello! Kiniro Mosaic Episode #04

Well Ayaya, looks like you’re trying to be different. But unlike Rize-chan from GochiUsa, she’s easily recognizable even if Aya is wearing shades!

But you know what, let’s try dressing up as a delinquent for a change… You know, wearing long skirts and facemasks that look like a Showa-era sukeban? Oh, and all they need is to perm their hair or dye it in a different color.

Then again, having a delinquent look is not cute and Shino will hate Alice for dyeing her blonde hair to black or even red!

But that doesn’t stop Karen on dressing up as one. Come to think of it, she looked so cool as a yanki but I think Kuzehashi-sensei will scold her for that!

Moving onto the next scene as Alice-chan successfully made her marigold flower blossom.

While Alice previously failed to make her flowers blossom even if she’s doing it with tender-loving care, she got lucky this time around! And I have to say, it was so adorable to see that!

Anyways, I’m gonna end this post with Shino-chan becoming a pillow. Just kidding, Kuzehashi-sensei made this Shinobu dakimakura for Alice-chan! Just clean it after school…

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