Highschool DxD BorN Episode #04

By the way, that high-ranking devil sitting beside Serafall’s right is Ajuka Beelzebub. Yes, he’s responsible for sending Loki away from the conference, but it appears that teleporting the prankster god won’t solve anything!

One more thing, this post won’t have any exposed nipples (unless you watch the eyecatches)…

So instead, please enjoy Rossweisse’s formal introduction as she wears her sexy Valkyrie armor! Sadly though, Rossweisse can’t have a boyfriend so sucks to her.

However, both Hyoudou and Saji are interested at Rossweisse… Well, they’re interested at her lovely hips!

On the other hand, it appears that Genshiro Saji has a dream as he wanted to be a teacher at Sona Sitri’s school in the future. How nice of him!

But anyways, let’s proceed to the main action as Loki returns to bring chaos to the underworld by summoning Ragnarok.

Oh, and he brought his wolf familiars and a dragon to stall those who get in his way!

Fortunately, Rias and Sona’s party are planning to stall Loki from bringing the underworld and beyond into chaos.

One more thing, seems that Irina Shidou has reincarnated into an angel. What a lovely upgrade she has, but I wish Irina-chan would join Issei’s harem in the future!

Anyway, it’s time to finish Loki by smacking that prankster Norse god with a Mjölnir Hammer. Since no one would wield Thor’s bigass hammer, Issei Hyoudou will do it instead…

But then he was pounced by Fenrir and sadly though, Issei Hyoudou (who achieved Balance Breaker last episode) was killed thanks to its god-slaying fangs!

Say it ain’t so for this future harem king, heck he didn’t took Rias-sempai’s virginity yet…

But yes, Issei has died and it’s a sad way to end this episode! As for Rias-sempai, I’m sure she’s pissed on seeing her cute pawn killed by Loki’s wolf children!

But that’s it for this episode of Highschool DxD BorN. If you have time, you should run away from Rias’ wrath right now!

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