Shinmai Maou no Testament Episodes #01 & 02

Remember this scene? Well, you can tell that there’s no beams blocking Mio Naruse’s cute butt!

Anyways, I’m restarting my coverage of Shinmai Maou no Testament. But unlike my first post back in January, I’ll be blogging the uncensored version at the end of every month.

With that said, let’s begin…

Back in January, I was bummed that Kadokawa and Production IMS made Shinmai aired this series censored. So, I’ve decided to read the original light novel for the time being and I found bits and pieces of information.

First of all, Basara Toujou and his father Jin left their village five years ago because Basara’s powers went berserk for some reason. Thanks to that event, he and his father were banished from the hero clan, and now they’re living as ordinary humans… until Mio and Maria Naruse came along.

Currently, they’re living together under one roof after Basara saved his step-sisters from rouge demons, which is nice since they don’t experience a complete family!

Of course, given that Mio Naruse is the future demon lord, she needs someone other than Maria to protect her.

Oh yes, and here’s some exposed nipples after being censored by light beams during the first TV run. Thanks Kadoka- Oh wait, I still hate them for baiting me and the rest with these Blu-ray extras!

Back to the plot as it’s time for both Basara and Mio to make a contract, ensuring that the future demon lord will be safe from harm as GPS is somewhat unreliable should it get broke. Sorry technology, but telepathy is more effective on this series.

Anyways, Mio Naruse supposed to turn Basara into her servant as the contract must be made during the full moon…

However, the contract got a snag as Mio becomes Basara’s slave instead. Should she rebel to her brother, Mio will feel extreme pain and agony that she might go to Heaven despite being a demon.

Again, uncensored boobies for the win! But then again, Highschool DxD made it better!

So the only way to relieve her pain is the replace it with orgasmic pleasure, and that is by fondling Mio’s breasts which is the most ridiculous way to stop her pain.

Yes it’s a simple yet effective solution, even though Mio is very resistant about it! But for some reason, I feel that it’s somewhat sexually suggestive ranging from this pose…

…to these two. Gotta say, Shinmai Maou is so borderline hentai that Kadokawa cut this part out!

In any case, they’ll have to fix the contract on the next full moon. But you know what, it’s so bad to see Mio Naruse being fondled by “Onii-chan!” that it’s so damn good!

Even Maria loves how it turned out. Well closet perverts, I hope you’re enjoyed on the first Blu-ray volume of Shinmai Maou no Testament!

And now, I’ll end this post with the introduction of Basara’s childhood friend named Yuki Nonaka. She’s happy to see Basara after leaving the village five years ago. Too bad that she doesn’t want him being associated with Mio Naruse, as Yuki came from the hero clan and it’s her duty to kill demons in the name of peace.

One more thing, Mio’s father Wilbert wanted to make peace with the heroes. Even though he died one year ago before this series, so there’s no reason for Yuki to hunt down Mio Naruse. Anyways, there’s more to come next month as I’ll cover Episodes 3 and 4 in the near future!

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