Sound! Euphonium Episode #04

Look at these second and third-year students, they’re so cynical at Taki-sensei that some of them just give up!

Seriously, these people signed up for taking their club to the nationals and yet they don’t give a damn about giving their best. No wonder Noboru Taki told them that they suck and they’re wasting his time last episode!

Of course, it’s not like he’ll abandon the concert band club just because there’s no unity nor cooperation among the club members. So, Taki-sensei will have to train them hard in order to put them in the right direction!

Ranging from physical endurance which is essential for club members should they play a full score…

…to fundamental techniques in order to play their respective instruments efficiently and gracefully. And Taki-sensei will have to train them in sections!

Even though some of them complain with Taki’s harsh training, it’s better than loafing off during club activities.

On the other hand, seems that Reika Kousaka got a chance to talk to Kumiko Oumae. Even though it was awkward at first since the last time they have a real conversation was back in middle school, at least it’s a step in the right direction for both girls.

I hope sooner or later, both Reika and Kumiko should open up a bit to the rest of the club, as well as aiming for the nationals together. Besides, a concert band cannot perform well when one or two members are missing!

Speaking of the concert band club, I have to end this post as they improved on their performance. Still, it’ll be a long way to go before the club is ready to participate in Sunrise Festival!

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