Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku Episode #04

Yuuto Akama, you know him as the ace of the Drama Club. However, he has a secret that only he would know…

Under his facade lies a dark and troubled past. You see, Yuuto has a little brother who adored him like a hero. However, his parents got divorced and Yuuto’s mother took his little brother away. So every time Yuuto sees Asuhi, he reminds him of his brother.

Oh, and as for his smile? He’s just faking it! Oh, and he looks more like a villain than a good guy!

Back to the main plot as Eruna temporarily joined the Drama Club in order to get stronger for the rookie tournament!

Despite being defeated by Seisa-sempai, Eruna-chan wasn’t dejected as she’s lively as ever unlike Yuuto-kun. Oh yeah, and you noticed that he’s not included on this picture as Yuuto has past scars that can’t be healed… unless Eruna punched Akama hard to get a hold of himself!

Speaking of the tournament, it’s already started and Eruna’s first opponent was none other than her first friend Katai, who is now a member of the Calligraphy Club back in Episode 1.

As for the battle itself, it was a close fight as Eruna almost lost due to her unstable superpower. Of course, she managed to win against Katai anyway through blazing speed and a bit of luck! However, Eruna has a long way to go in order to win the tournament.

Onto the next episode for Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku, but damn Eruna needs to train harder in order to reach her maximum potential on her Toy Gun!

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