Hitsugi No Chaika Episode #23

Ladies and gentlemen, I know that it’s overdue but here’s the extra episode of Hitsugi No Chaika.

While it doesn’t take place after the main story, I feel that this OVA episode takes place before Vivi’s incomplete transformation. Hence, her hair wasn’t silver-colored!

But anyways, “more Chaika is best Chaika” and it’s great to see her party running away from Alberic Gillette’s group just like old times!

Let’s start this OVA with Chaika Trabant’s party running away as usual. With nowhere to run, they decided to hide inside the theater which includes putting Chaika inside a coffin.

However, said coffin was used as a theater prop and Tohru, Akari, and Frederica can’t barge in and take her back.

So, Tohru Acura decided to dress up as a girl (which Akari adds it to her future fiction later on) and join the play. Sounds like a great idea, right?

Well, it does and they sure made a stunning impromptu performance! Too bad that it was short-lived as the Gillette Squad cornered them. However, Chaika and her party managed to escaped but they’ll have to destroy the theater!

Now let’s move onto the next area where Chaika Trabant’s party is still being chased by the Gillette Squad. Also Mattheus Callaway, that garb belongs to Akari Acura…

…and she wants it back by smacking you in the face. One more thing, fanservice!

Anyways, they’re here at a certain temple to find one of Emperor Gaz’s remains.

But aside from the Gillette Squad, seems that Chaika Bohdan joined the fray. Sadly though, David and Selma was not there to support her as both of them are just chillin’ out for no apparent reason!

But hey, what’s important is that we can focus on the interaction between White and Red Chaika, as both of them got drenched in the mud and still fighting over Gaz’s remains!

And yes, more fanservice ’cause why not? Then again, it’s bad to have lewd thoughts on both Chaika clones!

But that’s about it for this OVA episode of Hitsugi No Chaika. Sure that the series has ended, but it would be nice if there’s an epilogue episode instead of this!

As for one of Gaz’s remains found in the temple, it was revealed to be a corpse of a cockatrice so they were bummed! But just like I said from the beginning, “more Chaika is best Chaika!”

With that said, I leave you with Chaika Trabant’s group as they leave towards the horizon… Good luck on your next project, Ichiro Sakaki!

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