Highschool DxD BorN Episode #05

Well guys and girls, Rias Gremory is going to punish Loki for killing Issei-kun… But then she found Ravel’s gift inside one of his pocket, which is actually a vial of Phoenix Tears.

So with that said, Rias-sempai revived her precious pawn so he could finish that prankster Norse god off!

Oh yes, Vali team has arrived, but they’re here to take Fenrir away from Loki as Vali Lucifer wanted a familiar.

By the way, that bespectacled guy is named Arthur! Still, it would be nice if they punish Loki…

But let Issei Hyoudou take care of that one by wielding the mighty Mjölnir Hammer… and it got bigger thanks to his Boosted Gear!

However, Loki decides to do the “exit, stage left!” and ran away like a certain Floyd Mayweather Jr. Fuck, what a goddamn coward Loki is!

By the way, this is the day that boxing has ended its popularity. I’m disappointed that Loki retreated as I wanted to have his face punched, so hence the Mayweather reference. So unlike in real-life, Issei-kun will have his revenge against that douchebag god!

For now, Rias-sempai and the rest of the Occult Research Club will return to the human world. C’mon, they’ll have to do some summer homework!

Oh yeah, and that little red-haired kid is named Millicas Gremory, the son of both Sirzechs and Grayfia Lucifuge. So basically, Rias’ big brother married a hot-smokin’ maid!

Anyways, let’s go to something refreshing after being snubbed out by Loki! And while Koneko-chan is adorable as she sleeps on Issei’s lap like a kitten…

This is Akeno’s time to shine as she’s dating Issei-kun! Just hoping that it won’t end up like last time when Hyoudou got killed by Raynare on his first date. Actually, there’s no way Akeno-san can have malicious thoughts on her kouhai. After all, she ain’t gonna kill Issei with a snap of her finger!

So yes, their date went smoothly aside from running away from Rias-sempai and the rest of Issei’s harem!

However, it didn’t last though as Akeno has some issues from her fallen angel daddy Baraqiel. Aside from her lineage, Akeno resented Baraqiel for letting her mother Shuri die by a lynch mob!

So, Akeno wants Issei to comfort her by having sex…

C’mon, Akeno’s body is ready as Issei’s right hand grab her left boob! Of course, I’m not sure about her mind and soul though as Akeno is still broken due to daddy issues…

But their love-making was interrupted when her left boob just spoke right after Issei groped it, revealing that Akeno loved her father but she couldn’t! As for that boob whispering phenomenon, it was revealed that Issei got that ability when he can’t see boobies during his training with Tannin.

In any case, that’s it for this week’s episode on Highschool DxD BorN! As for Akeno’s strained relationship with Baraqiel, she somewhat forgive her father by giving him a bento box on his way home. Of course, I’m not getting it by having her issues resolved so quickly. Maybe in future episodes, Ishibumi-san will bury the hatchet convincingly between Akeno and Baraqiel!

For now it’s onto the next episode, and I have a feeling that it’s gonna make me rage in regards to Asia’s relationship with a certain devil!

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