Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid Episode #05

This episode is brought you by the members of Riot Force 6, and it shows that even though it was disbanded…

…Hayate Yagami’s soldiers can still kick some ass! Wait till you see them in a full mock battle!

So yes, they’re still doing their summer camp at Lutecia’s place. Aside from getting stronger, Vivio and Einhart’s friendship is getting better!

I guess the reason for their strong bond is not only because of their ancestry, but the dynamic resembles Nanoha and Fate-chan which I like it much!

In any case, it’s time for some rest and relaxation courtesy of Lutecia and Megane’s family hot springs. Yeah, enjoy some skinship and other shenanigans!

But then, someone is ruining their relaxation! I wonder who’s terrorizing those girls?

Also, this is only fanservice you’ll get on this episode. C’mon, there are some people who like 2D little girls!

Anyways, it’s Sein and she’s responsible for touching cute butts…

…and groping little girls’ chests like Rio Wesley. Yeah, this Sein is one perverted nun!

Also, more fanservice ’cause why not? At least there’s no visible nipples or it’ll be bad!

So with Rio being groped by a reformed (and perverted) Numbers cyborg, she retaliates by transforming into combat mode and throw Sein into the sky!

And she knocked Sein off with a blazing kick! Sorry Sein, but you groped the wrong girl like Rio Wesley!

In any case, their summer camp continues next week. This time, it’ll be different as Vivio-chan and her friends will join in a mock battle together with the Riot Force 6! Can’t wait for that!

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