Highschool DxD BorN Episode #06

Ladies and gentlemen, Irina Shidou has finally became a student at Kuoh Academy, as well as joining the Occult Research Club. Amen!

Of course, it’s not the real news here…

This is the real news that happened on this episode. Forget Riser Phenex from Season 1, Diodora Astaroth is the greatest threat to Issei’s harem as he wants to steal Asia Argento away from the Breast Dragon Emperor!

Speaking of the Breast Dragon Emperor, seems that Ddraig doesn’t like being called one!

Oh yeah, we have some shenanigans on this week’s episode as Issei and Asia got dragged by Xenovia, who wants to do dirty things inside the storage room. C’mon, Xenovia is curious about sex since becoming a devil back in Highschool DxD NEW!

See, even Issei Hyoudou is excited but he’s somewhat showing restraint, as he doesn’t wants his adoptive little sister Asia to become a pervert unlike Xenovia!

Unfortunately, this dirty experiment was interrupted by Irina-chan so it’s all good for Asia, but no good for Xenovia as she didn’t go further. Maybe next time Xenovia, you’ll get your chance!

In any case, next week will be another training montage for the upcoming Rating Game, complete with fanservice. One more thing, Rias’ Occult Research Club will face Diodora Astaroth in the first round!

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