Hello! Kiniro Mosaic Episode #06

And Alice-chan shows you a finely-crafted sushi model. Just don’t eat it like the real thing…

But it seems that Yoko fell for it as she was very hungry! Maybe it’s time to visit to a local cafe!

In any case, this local cafe owned by Honoka’s parents served pastries and other sweet things. But their greatest attraction is the insane parfait that costs 8,000 yen. More on that later!

On the other hand, Honoka-chan don’t want her classmates to know that she’s working part-time.

Well, it back-fired though… Um Honoka-chan, I think you should remove that rabbit headdress as they know your lovely voice!

Moving onto this insane parfait as Yoko-chan ordered it as a challenge. Of course, Yoko will have to pay 8,000 yen if she didn’t finish eating the parfait!

Sadly though, she didn’t finish eating it by herself though… Therefore, Yoko’s friends ate the rest of the parfait so that they won’t pay the 8,000 yen. Maybe next time Yoko-chan, you’ll finish eating that parfait!

Oh yeah and one last thing, did you know that both Akari Kuzehashi and Sakura Karasuma are actually alumni to the school they’re teaching at. Surprised yet?

There’s more to that as both of them know each other back in high-school! Wow, it’s a small world out there for both Karasuma-sensei and Kuzehashi-sensei!

By the way, Karasuma-sensei is two years older than Kuzehashi-sensei. We’re not gonna tell Sakura-chan’s real age ’cause it’s rude!

Anyways, I now leave you with the formation of the Blonde Alliance courtesy of Honoka Matsubara and Shinobu Omiya. Well guys and girls, it’s bound to happen!

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