Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid Episode #06

So, are you ready for a mock battle? Well I hope so, ’cause it’s gonna be epic!

In any case, it’s Team Nanoha versus Team Fate on this episode and they showed that they’re evenly-match in some parts.

Take this skirmish between Subaru and Nove as both fighters didn’t give it to each other. After all, they’re cyborgs!

Meanwhile, I introduce to Corona Timil’s new toy Brunzel. While her fighting skills couldn’t match up with either Vivio or Rio, Corona excels in magic as she can summon a golem like in Tetsujin the 28th!

Still, Rio managed to topple her golem to the ground. Well, I guess Corona has a long way to go…

Oh yeah, and here’s Round 2 for Vivio Takamachi as she uses magic against Einhart Stratos.

But despite that, Vivio couldn’t beat Einhart as the Hegemon user countered her attack. That’s 2-0 for Einhart Stratos!

Of course, she couldn’t beat Vivio’s mother Nanoha. After all, Nanoha can put Einhart out with maximum force!

In any case, find out next episode as which team will reign supreme in this mock battle.

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