Spring 2015: The rest of the field… 2nd Half!

This post is brought you by Akeno Himejima from Highschool DxD and as you can see… Hestia’s boob-strings goes with everything!

01. Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru no Darou ka?

Speaking of boob-strings, a certain DanMachi got better… somewhat!

You see, Bell Cranel got stronger now that he’s wearing light armor, a custom-made knife, and a Firebolt magic. As long as he didn’t waver his feelings for Aiz Wallenstein (and her underboob), Bell will reach greater heights much to Hestia’s chargin.

Oh yeah, and enjoy some depressing moments along the way like child slavery and abuse courtesy of Liliruca Arde. Glad that she was saved by Bell, but her Soma Familia are a bunch of assholes because they’re addicted to Soma’s addicting booz that makes them very crazy!

02. Punch Line

For MAPPA’s latest anime series airing in Noitamina, things got weirder for Punch Line. Not only Yuuta Iridatsu is having a dilemma on taking his body back, but he has to stop a terrorist/occult group and protect his neighbors as most of them got problems of their own.

Most of them have serious problems such as Ito Hikiotani being a victim of bullying, to the strangest things like Rabura Chichibu being possessed by an evil spirit since she was a child. Speaking of Rabura-san, seems that Yuuta can easily possess her and save them from various threats with varying degree of success.

In any case, I hope the plot makes more sense as this show moves to the second half. And also, I hope this guy/girl who possessing Yuuta’s body should give it back to its rightful owner. C’mon, Yuuta being a spirit is suffering!

03. Re-Kan!

For Re-Kan!, things got a little better for Hibiki Amami and her buddies. Yeah, this includes her friendship with Narumi Inoue despite being surrounded by ghosts!

While the visuals steered towards “uncanny valley” territory (a bit), at least the story got fleshed-out ranging from Kana Uehara being lonely due to her parents’ busy work to Kyouko Esumi’s embarrassing nickname during her days as a delinquent!

It’s a good anime series to watch even though it’s not a Manga Time Kirara title (It’s still published by Houbunsha however).

04. Denpa Kyoushi

Oh Denpa Kyoushi, why did you became so shitty at the hands of A-1 Pictures? Sure that it has a nice premise, but the studio who did this anime adaptation just screw this up! Also, Rena Matsui’s voice sounded atrocious when playing as Suzune Kagami.

As for the plot, Junichiro Kagami got recruited by Koyomi Hiiragi to teach at the prestigious Hiiragi Academy (as well as the affiliate Icho Academy). And by the way, I hate Koyomi Hiiragi for dragging him out to her school thru underhand means, such as framing him for molesting a student from his previous school!

Still, it’s gonna be tough for Kagami-sensei as he’ll lecture some of the nasty and problematic students in Hiiragi Academy.

05. Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches

And now I end this post with Yamajo as I found out that Ryuu Yamada can copy a person’s magic powers just by kissing. Oh yeah, and there’s a rumor that the school he’s attending to have real witches. So far, two witches are already found as of Episode 5. In addition to Urara Shiraishi who can switch bodies, there’s Nene Odagiri who can charm people.

Unfortunately, Nene-chan couldn’t make Yamada-kun fall in love with her and instead do the opposite. That is why Ryuu Yamada kissed Odagiri again to reverse the charming effect as seen on this picture. So yes, this series got interesting because of this reveal! And one more thing, there’s a battle brewing between Nene Odagiri and Toranosuke Miyamura for the student council president position so don’t miss that!

But that’s about it for this post. I’ll be back next month for the conclusion of Spring 2015 with these anime titles!

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