Le Eden de la Grisaia Episode #04

Well guys and girls, seems that Asako Kusakabe is gonna die earlier than expected. Apparently, the cause of Asako’s deteriorating health is due to her continued use of high-caliber sniper rifles.

Yeah, it sucks that it’s too late to save Yuuji’s master!

Even Yuuji is crying that his master will go up to Heaven. But hey, his humanity is still intact after being trained as a soldier and inheriting Asako’s agent number 9029.

And so, Asako Kusakabe has died at around 4:13 PM local Japanese time. It’s a sad time for both Yuuji Kazami and Julia Bardera…

Thus, they decided to drown out their sorrows by having sex ’cause why not!

In any case, that’ll be the end of Yuuji’s back-story. While it ended on a downer note, Yuuji grew up as a man we see today!

But let’s get back to the present as Yuuji-kun went to a mission where he must eliminate a certain terrorist. It’ll be just another day at the office for Kazami!

Unfortunately, said terrorist happened to be his old pedophile master Heath Oslo, which Yuuji froze up and failed to kill him. And now, Yuuji is on the run as he’s been accused as an accomplice to Heath Oslo. Yup, Yuuji Kazami is having a bad day at the office!

Now it’s up to Amane Suou and her friends to find Yuuji-kun and clear his name if they can do it. But with that said, next episode is gonna be serious as Grisaia goes into the final chapter!

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