Sound! Euphonium Episode #06

This is Hazuki Katou and like the rest of the new recruits, she’s a beginner when it comes to playing music instruments.

While she wanted to play the trumpet, Hazuki-chan was forced to play the tuba as she bought the wrong mouth-piece.

But with the nationals coming up and Taki-sensei wants to select the best of the best via audition, there’s a chance that Hazuki might not sit out if someone did better than her.

So, it’s time to train Hazuki-chan on how to play the tuba better. Of course, she needs to get motivated on playing that instrument. Also, I want to give a thumbs-up for Asuka-sempai on tickling Hazuki-chan very hard!

The club tried other things like having testimonials from tuba users to Kumiko-chan dressing up as Tuba-kun. None of them work for Hazuki-chan, although Tuba-kun did work for Sapphire-chan somewhat!

But you know what, the only way to motivate Hazuki-chan is to play together with Sapphire and Kumiko-chan. After all, a tuba sounded better when it’s played on an ensemble!

Of course, it would be nice is Reina Kousaka joined their impromptu jam session.

Speaking of Kousaka-san, she’s in her own world again… Seriously, Reina should play with the rest of the club!

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