Hello! Kiniro Mosaic Episode #07

This is Karen Kujo and she’s the main focus for this week’s episode!

Oh yeah, and she tried modifying her uniform by cutting those sleeves. Of course, Karen’s outfit would make her a delinquent!

Good thing she has a spare or Kuzehashi-sensei might scold her again. Um, you don’t need to carry Yoko!

By the way, Karen is actually a papa’s girl as her mother always scold to her for being un-ladylike. After all, she’s being dotted by her daddy every time!

However, Karen’s father lied about buying her a necklace, which Karen got upset that she ran away to Shino’s home.

While Shino likes another blonde girl at her house, Karen’s parents are worried about her well-being. C’mon, they don’t want her to grow up like a spoiled brat!

In the end though, Karen talked to her father and he said that he’ll buy a necklace for his daughter, so I guess that it’s all good now Karen got what she wanted.

Next time Karen, please listen to your parents and don’t be a spoiled brat. That’ll be the last time you’ll buy something expensive!

Oh yeah, and to close this week’s post, here’s a flashback where Karen got stuck under the bridge and her ankle got sprained.

Karen shouted to all her might, but nobody heard her…

Fortunately, Alice finally found Karen and she was saved at last. Great job on being a hero Alice-chan, but Karen will treat you like a little sister!

As always, this week’s episode is so cute to watch!

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